Retail Coffee

The Blends of Lavazza

We offer commercial grade Italian roasted whole bean coffees.

Super Crema - Espresso

A blend that combines sweet Brazilian coffees and Central and South American milds with particularly delicate hazelnut & brown sugar flavours.

Gran Espresso - Espresso

A strong blend of South American beans with aromas of chocolate and spice; Provides rich flavourful taste.

Dek Decaffeinato - Espresso

A blend of decaffeinated coffee made from full-bodied Brazilian and sweet Asian varieties that make an aromatic and creamy espresso.

Gran Riserva - Dark Roast

A 100% Arabica blend of coffees from the highlands of Central and South America provides a brew with an intense sweet aroma typical of Arabica beans; This roast gives dark & bold flavour with hints of caramel & cocoa. It may be prepared with any professional filter machine.

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