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Espresso Machine Specialists

Whitfield Foodservice Equipment is a locally owned and operated company dealing with most home and industrial coffee & espresso machines. Owned and managed by Troy Whitfield, a certified appliance repair technician. Whitfield Foodservice Equipment was born 15 years ago when Troy branched out from Oughtred Coffee after being their Service Manager for thirteen years. With a business name on the map, Troy began contracting for various coffee & equipment suppliers including Machines N' Beans espresso. In the last thirteen years, Troy has once more advanced his business by going solo from Machines N' Beans and moving into his Burnside retail location. With over twenty-five years of coffee & restaurant equipment servicing experience and knowledge, Troy is a natural with any machine. Fixing anything from house-hold barista machines to industrial machines, Troy is a well educated business owner.

With a stocked show room, we also sell a variety of Lavazza coffee beans, fully automatic Philips/Saeco & prosumer Lelit & Rocket machines, along with cleaning products, accessories, and external machine parts.

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